Welcome to the SATURN Network Blog!


As we kick-off the fifth annual SATURN conference, we’re also excited to announce a new effort to engage architecture experts and practitioners: the SATURN Network Blog.

The SEI Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) is a professional network of software, systems, and enterprise architects from around the world, representing industry, academia, and government.  This blog will be dedicated to architecture-centric engineering topics that are imperative to our field.

The theme for SATURN 2009, “architecture at all scales,” encompasses furthering our understanding of enterprise, systems and software architectures including what they are, how they relate to and influence each other, and which architectural best practices they involve.

To address architecture at all scales, we are honored to have world-renowned keynote speakers John A. Zachman and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, representatives and speakers from more than 60 organizations, and a distinguished panel of experts in a wide range of architecture genres participating in the 2 SEI courses, 5 tutorials, 21 presentations, and several birds-of-a-feather sessions being offered this year.

Since last year’s conference, we have sponsored several events and established a number of ways for the architecture community to stay better connected including webinars, a SATURN LinkedIn group, and now this blog.

Please check back often over the next two days for a look at what’s happening at SATURN 2009 – and also after the conference to continue sharing and learning about architecture-centric engineering.

SATURN Co-Chairs

Ipek Ozkaya and Rob Wojcik


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