Zachman Framework for Software Architecture?

image2Just heard the very interesting keynote from Zachman at the conference, and there is one thought I cannot get out of my mind.

The Zachman framework is about architecting the enterprise in terms of What?, How?, Where?, Who?, When?, and Why? from several different perspectives, such as the owners, architects, engineers, etc.

I see several similarities that software architecture tries to answer, therefore would it make sense to use the Zachman framework for software only products? I could see for example to structure the architecture documentation in this way. It might help to easily extract the information needed for the different stakeholders, such as the management, the developers, etc.

Any one with experience in this topic? Any thoughts?

– Felix Bachmann, SEI


One response to “Zachman Framework for Software Architecture?

  1. As Zachmann said “I found a pattern that applies to any engineering discipline”. I think your idea is worth to follow. Certainly I will discuss this in my team.

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