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Software Architecture Principles and Practices Course

The SATURN Network Blog creators have convinced me that posting to our blog is a really cool thing to do…  So to boldly go forth where I’ve never gone before  (after much pressure and shunning from the creators), here’s my simple blog post… a post and a poll about the SAPP course… and let me say that I am the first blogger here to offer a poll so I get extra credit.

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Recognizing SATURN Repeat Attendees

As we celebrate our fifth year, we also recognize and appreciate the ongoing support of our SATURN colleagues including

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SATURN Keynote: Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Lessons Learned from Architecture Reviews

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock at SATURN

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock (blog), Wirfs-Brock Associates

Lessons Learned from Architecture Reviews

Thursday, May 6, 2009, 9:00 am

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Introduced by Linda Northrop of the SEI, who called Wirfs-Brock “the champion of the practitioner.” “She writes and teaches so that we can practice.”

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Birds of a Feather – Architecture Competence

Keynote audience at SATURN

Sixteen enthusiastic participants contributed to the informal “Birds of a Feather” session on Architecture Competence. There was a diverse set of perspectives, ranging from embedded system architects to IT services organizations to enterprise architects.

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BoF on Traceability

Birds of a Feather Sessions (BoFs) are informal gatherings for discussing of a topic of interest, often without a pre-planned agenda. Ron Koontz from Boeing achieved exactly that when he gathered a crowd of about 25 people to share experiences on his current problem of how to achieve traceability between requirements, architecture, and code.

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Principles of Architecture Evaluation

Felix Bachmann at SATURN

Tuesday evening Felix Bachmann of the SEI gave an information seminar on How to Effectively Evaluate Software Architecture and Identify Risk where he outlined and described 10 principles of architecture evaluation. Felix called out these principles:

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Wednesday Conference Dinner: PNC Park

PNC Park 3000 ClubPNC Park 3000 ClubPNC Park 3000 Club

PNC Park Club 3000PNC Park 3000 Club

PNC Park

Architecture Competence Session

John Klein at SATURN 2009

Why is it that some organizations have very talented architects, but they are not consistently successful producing architectures and systems? Isn’t it enough to have the best people working on these hard architecture problems? Maybe, but maybe not…

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