Software Architecture Principles and Practices Course

The SATURN Network Blog creators have convinced me that posting to our blog is a really cool thing to do…  So to boldly go forth where I’ve never gone before  (after much pressure and shunning from the creators), here’s my simple blog post… a post and a poll about the SAPP course… and let me say that I am the first blogger here to offer a poll so I get extra credit.

So, if you’ve ever been a SAPP student, here’s your chance to let us know how much you learned in the course (if anything):

And, if you didn’t know, 22 students took the SAPP course earlier this week.  Afterwards, 8 of those students took the SAPP Exam (the exam you need to pass before receiving the Software Archtiecture Professional or ATAM Evaluator Certificates… (not to mention the required course work)).

Anyway, gotta go… co-chair duties call.

-Rob Wojcik, SEI


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