Thanks for a great SATURN 2009 Conference!

Thank you to all SATURN 2009 attendees, presenters, and speakers for your contributions!  Because of you,  the event was a lively exchange of experiences in architecture issues ranging from software, system, system of system to enterprise architecting.

SATURN 2009 was the most attended SATURN conference in its five year history!

Here are a few of the key themes that were discussed this year:

  • John Zachman in his keynote Architecture is Architecture described how he based his enterprise architecture framework on basic architectural principles barrowed from other disciplines. His talk reaffirmed in a lively way that complex systems need architecture to be designed, analyzed and built. No ifs or buts!
  • Several attendees alluded to the fact that they need to justify the effort spent on architecting to their managers. While many would easily agree that we cannot afford to not spend time in architecting, quantifiable justification of time spent on and value of architecting remains to be a challenge. While collecting the right set of data for such an analysis is not a straight forward task, several organizations shared their progress in this area, including a study SEI conducted on the impact of Army architecture evaluations.
  • Architecture competence is an area of growing interest for individuals and organizations alike. Individuals to stay relevant need to increase their competency, while organizations need to pay attention to individual, team-level, and organizational competency in architecture to produce architectures that enable high-quality systems. Both the sessions on this topic and the birds of a feather had good exchange of ideas.
  • Last, but not least, architecture evaluations, as in the previous SATURNs, continue to be a key area of interest, covered with a great keynote address from Rebecca Wirfs-Brock based on her experiences, presentations, a birds of a feather on system of system evaluations, and an information session on key principles of evaluation and how the SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method implements these.

While we enjoyed SATURN 2009, preparations for 2010 are already underway. Look for the details on location, theme, and call for presentations for SATURN 2010 starting September 7, 2009. Meanwhile, if there are topics, speakers, activities that you would like to see next year at SATURN, let us know at

Thank you all for a great conference, and continue to follow this blog for discussions on architecture-centric engineering.

-Ipek Ozkaya, SEI


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