Link Roundup: January 11, 2010

Good morning all,

Welcome to our January 11 Link Roundup. Here are some notable posts from other software engineering blogs that you may have missed this past week:

Architecture for a New Decade, by Peter Cripps at Software Architecture Zen. Peter notes that three of the top ten strategic technologies for 2010 include cloud computing, advanced analytics, and social computing.

Tips from 2009 for a Prosperous 2010, by Phil Wainewright at Software as Services. Phil reflects on viral marketing, predictable and diversified revenue streams, as well as the importance of a strategy that includes real business value for both investors and consumers.

Trends for 2010, by J.D. Meier at J.D. Meier’s Blog: Software Engineering, Project Management, and Effectiveness. J.D. outlines a roadmap of software engineering for 2010 and beyond.

REST: Tying AJAX to the Cloud, by Martin Heller at Strategic Developer. Martin sees 2010 as the year of AJAX and REST services, and examines the difference between the “cloud” and the “server.”


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