Link Roundup: January 18, 2010

Good morning all,

Welcome to our January 18 Link Roundup. Here are some notable posts from other software engineering blogs that you may have missed this past week:

How Cloud Collaboration Changes the Way Software Developers Work, by Phil Wainewright at The Connected Web. This seven-minute podcast interview with Michael Knighten, director of hosted services at Atlassian, discusses the ways in which cloud computing affects software developers.

Non-Functional Architectural Woes, by Udi Dahan at The Software Simplist. Udi muses on functional and non-functional requirements and how they move from the problem to the solution domain.


Evolving Architectures, Part 1: What’s Software Architecture, by Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz at Dr. Dobb’s CodeTalk. Arnon spends some time explaining his own thorough definition of software architecture.


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