Software architecture for acquisition people

I recently gave a presentation titled “The Importance of Software Architecture in the Acquisition Process.”

My basic argument was that software is critical in the system development process and software architecture is critical in the software development process.

The most difficult portion of the argument for me was the first premise. Arguing that software is critical for system development is kind of like arguing that 1+1=2. I have been in the software business too long to be able to look at this problem with outsiders’ eyes. I fell back to a cost argument and used cost figures from defense systems. I found this very unsatisfactory but it was the best I could do.

The criticality of software architecture to the software development process is something I have been arguing for years and I found this argument much easier to make.

The extension to acquisition depends on the level of involvement and oversight that acquisition personnel are willing and able to make.

In any case, you can see the presentation here.

Len Bass


One response to “Software architecture for acquisition people

  1. Len, thanks for a very useful presentation. The notion of architectural fit can be overlooked during the acquisition process if we focus only on the dollars and cents in the deal. And you’re right, it’s a determinant of the return on investment if integration results in higher than anticipated costs.

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