Link Roundup: March 1, 2010

Good morning all,

Welcome to our March 1 Link Roundup. Here are some notable posts from other software engineering blogs that you may have missed:

Version Control Tools, by Martin Fowler on his personal blog. Martin compares various version control tools and calls out some truly terrible ones.

IT Training and Justification, by Dan Douglas at IT is Possible. Dan provides a great case for the value of ongoing training for IT professionals.

The Extensibility Syndrome, by Michael Stal at Hitchhiker’s Guide to Software Architecture and Everything Else. Michael’s discussion of extensible design provides a look at change throughout the development cycle.

The SOA Paradox: Rejecting the Architecture, Embracing the Concepts, by Loraine Lawson at ITBusinessEdge. Loraine gives evidence that service orientation (if not service-oriented architecture) is the wave of the future.

Agile Security Engineering, by J.D. Meier on his personal blog. J.D. summarizes his talk from the Microsoft 2010 MVP Summit, where he covered Agile security engineering.

What does the brand of “Enterprise Architect” stand for? by Nick Malik at Inside Architecture. Nick muses on the meaning of enterprise architect as a brand.


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