Link Roundup: March 15, 2010

Good morning all,

Welcome to our March 15 link roundup. Here are some notable posts and pages from other software engineering blogs and websites that you may have missed:

The cost of “SOA-fication”, by Nick Malik at Inside Architecture. Nick examines the myth that SOA is an inherently expensive endeavor.

Architecture Refuseniks, by Peter Cripps at Software Architecture Zen. Peter provides a definition of a particularly pessimistic type of co-worker.

A Simple Hint why SaaS is Better, by Phil Wainewright at The Connected Web. Did you know that if you write “find attached” in a Gmail message, and hit “Send” without attaching a file, Gmail will ask if you meant to attach a file? Phil’s encounter with this Gmail feature prompted a fascinating post on the capabilities of software as a service.

Microsoft is “All In” with the Cloud. Let’s Talk Winners and Losers, by Glenn Weinstein at Appirio. Glenn looks at potential winners and losers in Microsoft’s new direction for cloud computing.

Evolving Architectures – Part II but Design is Emergent, by Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz at his own blog. Arnon talks about test-driven development and design.

And from the SEI website, we have a presentation by Len Bass about designing software architecture to meet business goals, and information about the second keynote speaker at SATURN 2010: Wayne Longcore, Chief Architect for Consumers Energy.


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