Link Roundup: April 12, 2010

Good morning all,

Welcome to our April 12 link roundup. Here are some notable posts and pages from other software engineering blogs and websites that you may have missed:

Testing Service Oriented Solutions, by Richard Seroter at Richard Seroter’s Architecture Musings. Richard talks about the SEI’s recently released report, Testing in Service Oriented Environments, and the 65 recommendations contained therein.

When Is It Time to Quit? by Peter Cripps at Software Architecture Zen. Peter discusses what to do when you realize the project isn’t going to be delivered, and how to recognize the warning signs before you get to that point.

7 Management Interventions for Adapting and Adopting Processes, by J.D. Meier at his personal blog. J.D. shares a good article about change management.

For developers, iPhone-to-iPad is a bigger jump than you’d expect, by Martin Heller at Strategic Developer. Martin examines the differences between programming for the iPad and the iPhone and how this can affect other types of cross-platform functionality.

Why we need certification for IT architects, by Matt Deacon at Matt Deacon’s digestive blog. Matt brings up a valid point about IASA’s IT certification process.

And finally, on April 22, the SEI will host a webinar with Nanette Brown where she will discuss Agile development and software architecture.


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