Link Roundup: June 14, 2010

Good morning,

Welcome to our June 14 Link Roundup. Here are some notable posts from other software architecture blogs you may have missed in the last week:

Why projects fail? It’s all the business’s fault! by Matt Deacon at his personal blog. Matt talks about who’s really to blame when projects fail.

Don’t Let the Big Get in the Way of the Small, by J.D. Meier at his personal blog. We’ve featured J.D. quite a bit in the past, but that’s because he usually has something really interesting to say. This post about flowing value to look at smaller project components is no exception.

Software Architecture – 5 Years Later, by Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz at Cirrus Minor. Arnon reminisces about how far he’s come since he began working as a software architect five years ago.

Art, Creativity, and the Tyranny of the Timesheet, by Peter Cripps at Software Architecture Zen. This quote from Peter’s post is especially powerful: “In today’s world it is hard to think of a worse way to ensure people do high quality and creative work than making them fill in a timesheet detailing everything they do.”


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