SEI architecture research planned for 2011

Each year, the SEI conducts a program of research in architecture-centric engineering. These are the topics that we plan to investigate in 2011:

1. Quality Attribute Foundations and Analysis

  • Resource allocation for massively parallel multicore platforms–developing task models, resource abstractions, and scheduling strategies for predicting real-time performance
  • Static analysis for multicore—investigating use of scalable static analysis to ensure that concurrency-related invariants are preserved as systems move to multicore platforms.
  • System reliability framework—developing new metrics and approaches for using architecture knowledge to assure the safe and reliable operation of software-reliant systems
  • Architecture-based testing—investigating techniques for using architecture knowledge to inform and reduce system testing.

2. Architecture-Centric Practices

  • System of systems (SoS) architecture patterns—exploring SoS architecture design patterns with an emphasis on defining and achieving SoS quality attributes
  • Agile architecting—developing iterative and incremental architecting techniques for balancing rapid capability delivery with preparation for future capability delivery

3. Architecture Principles for Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) Systems

  • ULS systems perspective proof-of-concept—using the allocation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to a changing set of missions to demonstrate how the social and computational aspects of a ULS system interact
  • ULS architecture evaluation—creating new architecture models for analyzing the behavior and evolution of ULS systems

Watch for more on these and other topics on the SATURN blog this year.

– Mark Klein, SEI


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