Submitting an Abstract for SATURN 2012

I hope you have read our recent post about the 2012 SATURN Conference and its focus on architecture as a catalyst for collaboration.  If you are considering submitting an abstract for this year’s conference (May 7-11, St. Petersburg, Fl.), the tips for doing so that we posted here from our SATURN 2011 Conference Chair Nanette Brown may be helpful to you. I am reposting them here:

Whether you’re an old hand at presenting or a first-timer looking to get started, creating an abstract for submission can seem like a daunting prospect.

Here are a few tips I hope will help:

  1. Begin with the end in mind – This quotation from Stephen Covey is applicable to many things in life, including writing a conference abstract. Have a clear idea of the learning objectives you want attendees to achieve and work backwards from there.
  2. Know your audience – SATURN, for example, is a practitioner’s conference so applicability to real-world technologies and architectural challenges is key.
  3. Keep it simple – It can be tempting to condense your entire presentation into the submission but remember that it is an abstract. It’s worth the effort to distill the key concepts and solutions that you’re trying to convey. It will help you clarify your own thoughts as well as indicate to the selection committee your ability to deliver a crisp and cogent presentation.
  4. Communicate your unique perspective and knowledge base – Whether you’re submitting an experience report or a more conceptual discussion of methods and practices, make sure to communicate what makes your perspective particularly compelling and noteworthy.

It does take effort to create a high-quality abstract but the opportunity to share your ideas and get feedback from members of the architectural community will definitely make it all worthwhile. I look forward to reading your proposals.

– Nanette Brown


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