New SEI Advanced Software Architecture Workshop to be Offered at SATURN 2012

A new course from the SEI, Advanced Software Architecture Workshop, will be offered publicly  for the first time at SATURN 2012 in St. Petersburg, Florida on May 7 and 8. Register now.

The course, taught by Felix H. Bachmann of the SEI, is targeted to

  • software architects and software lead designers who want to practice what they learned in the SEI software architecture curriculum, and
  • seasoned software architects who want to get ready for a project that requires major architecture improvements

The goals of the course are for participants to become comfortable with the SEI architecture-centric engineering methods and able to use those methods effectively in their organizations. Course content is based on the SEI books Software Architecture in Practice, 2nd Edition, and Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond, 2nd Edition.

Using an actual architecture as an example, participants select a problematic scenario for the system, examine the possible weak points of the software architecture, decide on appropriate mitigations, review their proposed changes in groups, and revise the architecture as required. Time permitting, participants also prepare documentation for the development.

This two-day workshop guides the participants with four exercises through a typical architecture-improvement cycle in a concrete project setting. At the beginning, the participants are introduced to an architecture that has undergone evaluation through the SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method® (ATAM)®. Participants then address any risks uncovered by the evaluation.

Before registering for this course, participants must

Get more information about the SEI Advanced Software Architecture Workshop.

Register now.


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