Exploring Technical Tracks at SATURN 2012

The SATURN 2012 technical committee has put together a robust program of technical sessions, courses, tutorials, keynote presentations, and plenary talks that will allow practitioners at every level to walk away with knowledge that they can use at their organizations immediately.

Choose your path at the SATURN 2012 Conference on May 7-11, 2012 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Technical sessions will be divided into 8 tracks designed around aspects of software architecture from collaboration within an organization, to large-scale systems’ use of architecture-centric engineering. Architects at any level can delve deeper into the aspects of software architecture they choose. Personalize your SATURN 2012 experience by choosing from the 8 technical tracks:

  • Architecture and Collaboration: Architecture as a catalyst for effective collaboration across geographical, cultural, and technical boundaries.
  • Facilitated Architecture Techniques: Case studies of the application of specific techniques for establishing requirements and defining, evaluating, and documenting an architecture.
  • Large-Scale: The use and evolution of architecture-centric engineering to deal with systems of increasing and escalating complexity.
  • Architect Skills: The role of the software architect and skills needed to be effective.
  • Enterprise Architecture: Architecture in the context of business vision and strategy.
  • Architecture and Agile: The role of software architecture in Agile development projects.
  • Evolution and Extensibility: Choosing an architecture or architectural pattern that enables easier evolution and maintenance of software.
  • Certification and Culture: Development, certification, and nurturing of the role of the software architect within organizations.
  • Architecture and Process: Architectural considerations within organizational development processes.

For more information about program offerings, explore the preliminary program, abstracts, tutorials, and more on the SATURN 2012 website. No matter the track you choose, you will leave with tips and tricks to enhance the architecture in your organization, and professional contacts that will serve you throughout your career.

Register for SATURN 2012 by April 9, 2012 to save $250 off your registration fee. For more details and to register for the conference, please visit http://www.sei.cmu.edu/saturn/2012/.


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