Why Attend SATURN 2012?

SATURN 2012 is only a few weeks away. If you an experienced or aspiring practitioner or technical consultant and have seen the technical program, list of courses and tutorials, and descriptions of the keynotes and plenary talks, chances are that you found something on the program that would be relevant to your interests and concerns.

But if you still haven’t registered to attend SATURN, you probably have good reasons for hesitating. You may be having difficulty convincing the people who approve your travel requests that the benefits you will derive from attending will outweigh the costs of travel, conference fees, and perhaps most importantly, time away from the office–time during which you will not generate any billable hours or be able to contribute to important projects.

Why, then, do we think that you should consider registering for SATURN despite your good reasons for hesitating?

As the only architecture-related conference devoted exclusively to the needs of practitioners, SATURN offers a unique opportunity for networking with other practitioners like yourself who are working on the very problems and tasks that you work on day to day.

If you are a seasoned practitioner, SATURN can help you benchmark and hone your architecture-design skills so that you can create high-quality project deliverables in less time.

If you are a junior architect, SATURN can give you the opportunity to hear and interact with veterans and leaders in the field, an opportunity that no text book, no in-house training, and no vendor leaflet can provide. Attending SATURN and learning from those with more experience than you can help you reduce technical risk and streamline project reviews. Previous SATURN attendees have told us that the consequent project costs savings far exceeded the cost of conference attendance.

If you are a technical consultant, SATURN can provide you with a condensed overview of the relevant topics and trends in the software architecture field, a view that would otherwise require you to spend weeks of research. The time saved could then be used to find your next interesting and lucrative project.

So if you have not yet registered for SATURN, we hope that you will reconsider and join us in St. Petersburg, Florida May 7-11 for a stimulating and rewarding networking and learning experience.



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