New SEI Workshop in Software Architecture

The SEI is offering a new course in its software architecture curriculum on July 24-25 and October 29-20.   The new Advanced Software Architecture Workshop

  • allows participants to apply what they’ve learned in other SEI courses to a concrete architecture problem
  • integrates classroom knowledge with everyday practice
  • trains participants to use architecture-centric engineering methods effectively in their organizations

The Advanced Software Architecture Workshop debuted at the SATURN 2012 Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, on May 7 and 8. Attendees agreed that it met their expectations, provided timely content, and was a good use of their time.

One attendee said, “The workshop gave me a much better idea of the flow of a real architecture process–the steps that lead to a detailed design. The process that [was] presented made clear how to think about the tradeoffs and impacts of architectural decisions. The case study in the workshop showed how to build a system that does what it needs to do within expected constraints, as well as how to evolve the system. [The instructor] made clear the way that initial architectures can fail to achieve evolving requirements. He was great at pushing us toward throwing out huge assumptions and avoiding reliance on small, incremental changes that don’t scale to meet evolving needs.”

For more information about the workshop and to register for the July or October offerings, please visit


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