Links: Ipek Ozkaya on Technical Debt, Agile, and Architecture

In this interview with Ipek Ozkaya of the SEI at the techdebt report blog, Ipek discusses definitions of “technical debt,” the connections between technical debt and Agile development practices, SEI research in the management of technical debt, measurement, and other related topics.

Readers will also be interested in this post at the SEI blog titled “Strategic Management of Architectural Technical Debt” by SEI Principal Researcher Douglas C. Schmidt (who was a keynote speaker at SATURN 2012). In this post, Doug reprises Ipek’s talk on the strategic management of technical debt at the SEI-hosted Agile Research Forum.

Ipek Ozkaya is a senior member of the technical staff at SEI who works to develop empirical methods for improving software development efficiency and system evolution with a focus on software architecture practices, software economics, and requirements management. Her latest publications include multiple articles on these subjects focusing on agile architecting, dependency management, and architectural technical debt. Ozkaya serves on the advisory board of IEEE Software.


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