SATURN 2013: Criteria for Evaluating Submissions

The SATURN Conference leadership has developed a set of guidelines that the SATURN 2013 Program Committee will use to evaluate submissions and to assemble a high-quality technical program. This information is meant to enable everyone who submits to see the criteria that will be used to select presentations for the technical program.

  1. Technical soundness and quality: Is the reviewer confident that the presented solution works in practice (assumptions made, limitations)? Has it been tested, and does it run in production?
    Did the authors have impact in their organization (for example, has the presented method or technique been accepted or adopted by a company-internal community of practice?).
  2. Originality: Does the submission contain either innovations advancing the state of the practice or depth and uniqueness of project experience?Does the message of the talk provide a learning experience for the SATURN audience? 
  3. Editorial quality: Did the authors invest time in polishing the abstract or does it appear to have been rushed? 
  4. Reputation/credibility of the submitter: What are the author’s  project history, previous conference presentations and publications, affiliation, and professional activities? 
  5. Connection to the SATURN 2013 Call for Submissions: Does the proposal fit with one of the four defined topic areas? 

In short, the overall assessment probably amounts to answering two questions: 

  1. “Would the reviewer be interested in attending the talk?”and 
  2. “Did the author follow the guidelines posted here on the SATURN blog?”

For more information about submitting a proposal for SATURN 2013, see the SATURN 2013 software architecture conference Call for Submissions. The deadline for submission is January 7, 2013.


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