SATURN 2013 Tutorial Highlights

As the tutorial chair for SATURN 2013, I would like to share with you some of the exciting highlights from our tutorial program this year. You will want to make plans to stay all week. We start off the week with a series of very strong tutorials wrapping up the week Friday with tutorials from two of our featured conference speakers, Mary Poppendieck and Phillipe Kruchten.

Our selection of 10 tutorials covers the spectrum of conference topics including software design, backend integration/application hosting, methods and tools, and technical leadership. The tutorial program starts on Monday afternoon with an introduction to principles and patterns of RESTful web services (T1) and a practical guide to techniques and behaviors that will help you to successfully coach an architecture team (T2). Tuesday begins with an overview of a risk- and cost-driven architecture approach (T3) and a pattern-driven approach to architecture recovery and discovery (T4). Tuesday afternoon we continue with a tutorial on the key concepts of NoSQL databases from an architect’s perspective (T5) and a simple approach for developing software architecture diagrams (sketches) given by Simon Brown (T6).

Mary Poppendieck starts our Friday providing a more intimate and deeper look into the Lean mindset (T7). Also on Friday morning, we have the return of a popular tutorial on issues and design alternatives for cloud computing solutions (T8). Friday afternoons tutorials are an overview of the Attribute-Driven Design (ADD) method that includes an introduction of a new extension to the method (T9) and Phillipe Kruchten leading us in an exciting release-planning simulation exercise (T10).

All our 10 instructors are internationally recognized thought leaders in their respective fields with lots of practical experience. To find out more about our speakers, please have a look at some of their tutorial websites and blogs. Check out Mary Poppendieck’s website, Grace Lewis’ cloud computing at the tactical edge blog post, or George Fairbanks’ blog and book on “Just Enough Software Architecture”. Don’t forget also to take a look at Philippe Kruchten website and blog as well as Simon Brown’s website and blog.

Thank you for your interest in SATURN 2013. We look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis, MN April 29-May 3rd.

Stephany Bellomo
Tutorial Chair, SATURN 2013


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