SATURN 2013 Super-Early-Bird Registration Expires March 10

If you are a practicing or aspiring software architect, the SEI Software Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) 2013 Conference offers courses, presentations, tutorials, and talks providing technical advice and knowledge around four architectural themes:

  • Front-end architectures: impact of living on the edge
  • Back-end architectures and application hosting: go to the cloud or stay on the ground?
  • Methods and tools: go with the flow or go your own way?
  • Technical leadership: hard skills and soft skills

SATURN 2013 will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 29 through May 3, 2013. Register for the SATURN software architecture conference before March 10 at  to save $300 off the regular registration fee.

SATURN will feature thought-provoking and inspiring keynote and invited talks from leaders in the fields of software architecture and software development:

Mary Poppendieck (T7) and Philippe Kruchten (T10) will deliver two of the 10 tutorials that will be offered this year at SATURN on April 29, April 30, and May 3. Other tutorials are an introduction to principles and patterns of RESTful web services (T1); a practical guide to techniques and behaviors that will help you to successfully coach an architecture team (T2); an overview of a risk- and cost-driven architecture approach (T3); a pattern-driven approach to architecture recovery and discovery (T4); an exploration of the key concepts of NoSQL databases from an architect’s perspective (T5); a simple approach for developing software architecture diagrams (sketches) given by Simon Brown (T6); the return of a popular tutorial on issues and design alternatives for cloud computing solutions (T8); and an overview of the Attribute-Driven Design (ADD) method that includes an introduction of a new extension to the method (T9).

Attendees at SATURN 2013 will have the opportunity to take two popular two-day SEI training courses, Software Architecture Design and Analysis and Advanced Topics in Service-Oriented Architecture, at $500 off the regular course-registration fee. These two-day courses are offered on April 29 and 30, 2013.

Advanced Topics in Service-Oriented Architecture provides technology-agnostic guidance for making key technical decisions about adopting service orientation in an IT strategy. Software Architecture Design and Analysis (SADA) will be of particular interest to attendees who are working toward earning the SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate. Because of the hands-on nature of the course, SADA is the only course of the four-course sequence required for the certificate that must be taken in a classroom setting-the other three are now all available in an eLearning format from the SEI website. Taking SADA at SATURN and the other three courses in eLearning format therefore provides the most inexpensive option possible for earning this popular and prestigious certificate.

Presentations during the conference on Wednesday and Thursday, May 1-2, cover a similarly wide range of topics in sessions on sustainability and security, cloud computing, web and cloud architecture design, the mobile space, modeling and documentation, method tailoring and extensibility, fusion methods, architectural evaluation, Agile, and governance and education.

We hope you will consider registering for SATURN 2013 before March 10, 2013, and take advantage of the $300 super-early-bird discount on conference registration.

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