Learn and Practice Architectural Coaching at SATURN

In Felix Bachmann’s tutorial at SATURN 2013 on Monday, April 29 titled Architectural Coaching, you will learn the essentials of how to successfully coach an architecture team in designing a software system that fulfills what the stakeholders want within the given constraints, such as budget and time.

You will learn about the importance of a product vision, the architecting process, and the soft skills required to lead a successful team.

In group exercises, you will work with a team to produce the product vision, which gives the team direction and motivation.

You will then come to an agreement with your team on what process to utilize, most likely an iterative process to help you deal with the uncertainty that is present in the development of any product. This agreement will provide a framework for your team to execute the necessary steps for quickly achieving the vision for the product.

In a third exercise, you will learn about the soft skills that every architecture coach must have, such as asking the right questions, active listening, and providing constant feedback. These skills create an environment of trust in which the team members quickly learn how to apply architecture methods and techniques to ensure that the design solution and implemented system make the organization successful.

Instructor Felix Bachmann practices these techniques in large, challenging projects. For example he successfully coached the architects for Bursatec, the IT company of the Mexican stock exchange, in developing one of the fastest trading engines in the world, which went online without a glitch.

You can register for the Architectural Coaching tutorial at the SATURN 2013 software architecture conference registration page.


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