SATURN 2013 Lightning Talks: Participate!

Got something to say about software architecture? Here is your chance! The program for SATURN 2013 includes a “Lightning Talks” session on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 4:15 pm. The session will be a rapid-fire series of five-minute talks on any topic related to software architecture. Do you have a story about a project success (or maybe a not-so-successful project)? A method or technique that you use? A tool that you have developed? An opinion about one of the hot technologies? A reaction to one of the earlier presentations or keynotes? This is your chance to brag, share, or just get something off your chest.

How is this going to work? You will have five minutes to speak. Slides are optional–you can send them to or provide them to the conference staff at the SATURN registration desk. We will have a signup sheet posted near the registration desk at the conference. You can also take a chance and just show up at the session, and if there is enough time, we will get you on stage.

You can squeeze a lot into 5 minutes–check out Scott Berkun’s blog and video. (Note that we WILL NOT be using the Ignite format where slides are auto-advanced, and we WILL NOT be recording the talks for rebroadcast).

One possible structure for your talk is this:

First, (1) start with the big picture–a little background about the project or situation that led to (2) the problem or question that you are going to focus on. Then (3) tell us what you did, what was the action that took place. Next, we all want to know (4) what was the result? Finally (5) what is your conclusion, what should we take away from your talk, is there a call for action? Plan to spend most of your five minutes on parts (3) and (4), and don’t get bogged down in (1). You aren’t going to be able to include all of the details, so make sure that you put your contact information on your last slide. (We know that some of your organizations restrict you to use only approved slide presentations, so if you want to go with no slides, we can provide a single slide with your name and contact information.)

We know that you have something to say. Take five minutes and say it at the SATURN Lightning Talks.

John Klein, SEI
SATURN Lightning Talks session facilitator


One response to “SATURN 2013 Lightning Talks: Participate!

  1. Very glad to see you’re doing lightning talks – they add so much to most events. I hope you get tons of submissions.

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