Early Acceptance Deadline Approaching–Have You Submitted Your SATURN 2014 Proposal Yet?

The early acceptance deadline for SATURN 2014 is quickly approaching on November 22, 2013. Now is the time to prepare and submit your abstracts! By submitting your proposal early, it is eligible for the first round of reviews and your talk, tutorial, or participatory session could be accepted before the final deadline of January 10, 2014.

What should you expect as a submitter from this first round of reviews? A small team of reviewers from the technical program committee will read your submission and evaluate it relative to the posted SATURN proposal guidelines. There are two outcomes for your proposal.

  1. Accepted–your proposal was accepted, and you should start preparations for speaking at SATURN.

  2. Not Accepted–your proposal could not be accepted early.You will receive constructive feedback for improving your proposal before the final submission deadline, when it will be reviewed again. This feedback should not be considered as conditional acceptance, but rather as a chance to improve your submission before the final deadline.

Please note that “not accepted” is not a rejection of your proposal. One of the reasons we chose to have two submission deadlines this year is to give potential speakers who are serious about presenting at SATURN the greatest opportunity possible to succeed. We want you to share your amazing ideas, knowledge, and insights with the software architecture community. Recognizing that competition for the limited number of speaking spots at SATURN is tough, early submission is a huge opportunity.

– Michael Keeling
SATURN 2014 Technical Chair


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