New and Discounted Courses Offered at SATURN 2014

For the first time at SATURN 2014, which will be held in Portland, Oregon, May 5-9, 2014, the SEI will offer a new one-day course titled Big Data–Architectures and Technologies. The course will be available to SATURN attendees on Tuesday, May 6 and will be taught by SEI instructors Ian Gorton and John Klein. This course is designed for architects and technical stakeholders such as product managers, development managers, and systems engineers involved in the development of big-data applications. It focuses on the relationship among application software, data models, and deployment architectures and how specific technology selection relates to all of these.

Felix Bachmann of the SEI will teach another one-day course at SATURN, the Advanced Software Architecture Workshop, which will be offered on Monday, May 5. The course, which the SEI has previously offered in a two-day format, allows attendees to put into practice their knowledge of successful architecture principles and apply what they’ve learned in other architecture courses offered by the SEI to a concrete architecture problem.

In addition to these one-day courses, attendees at SATURN 2014 will have the opportunity to take the popular two-day SEI training course, Software Architecture Design and Analysis, at $500 off the regular course-registration fee. This course will be offered on May 5 and 6, 2014.

Software Architecture Design and Analysis (SADA) will be of particular interest to attendees who are working toward earning the SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate. More than 1,800 professionals from more than 900 organizations have earned this certificate to date. The certificate comprises a three-course sequence, and because of the participatory nature of the course, SADA is the only course of the three that must be taken in a classroom setting–the other three are now all available in an eLearning format from the SEI website. Taking SADA at SATURN and the other two courses in eLearning format therefore provides the most inexpensive option possible for earning the certificate.

The prerequisite for this course is the SEI Software Architecture: Principles and Practices course, which is available as instructor-led classroom training and as eLearning.

To register for SATURN and for these courses, visit the SATURN 2014 software architecture conference website.

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