The SATURN 2014 Technical Program is Published, and It Is Amazing!

The SATURN 2014 technical program is now published on the SATURN 2014 website.

Themes for the program are Technology, Methods and Tools, and Leadership and Business, and session topics currently planned include

  • Insights in Evolution
  • Growing Great Architects
  • The Art and Science of Scalability
  • DevOps and Delivery
  • Promoting Quality Attributes: Lessons from the Trenches
  • Customer Collaboration
  • The Business of Software Architecture
  • Building a Community Practice
  • Team Collaboration
  • Architecting in the Enterprise
  • Architectural Modeling

In addition, there will be participatory sessions on Software Architecture and Design Decay, Rapid Software Architecture Exploration, IT Project Estimation Techniques, and Embracing an Architecture-Focused Approach for Monitoring Technical Debt, as well as Open Space sessions and one or more lively panel discussions.

View the SATURN 2014 technical program now.

The super-early-bird registration period closes on Monday, May 3, so register now to get the deepest discount for attending SATURN.

-Bill Pollak
SATURN 2014 General Chair


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