SEI Presentations on DevOps and Testing in Chicago, September 18

Stephany Bellomo of the SEI will be speaking at the Unicom DevOps Chicago Summit on September 18, 2014 on “Design Implications of DevOps.” Here is an abstract of Stephany’s talk:

The Agile movement began as a reaction to frustration over slow delivery of software that often didn’t sufficiently meet user needs. Agile improved software delivery and DevOps and Continuous Delivery extend what Agile began.  Software development velocity may improve only to run into deployment-related delays due to issues such as inability to integrate frequently, challenges completing automated testing within an increment/build cycle and uncertainty about whether a build is stable and/or secure enough for external release. To avoid problems such as these, we suggest that design decisions need to align with deployment goals early and continuously such as reducing deployment pipeline cycle time. SEI is exploring what design decisions projects may want to consider early to enable deployability. In this talk, we summarize the challenges in this space and provide empirical examples of deployment for real world projects focused on continuous delivery. 

Co-located with this DevOps conference is the Unicom Next Generation Testing Conference, where Don Firesmith of the SEI will be presenting the following talk on “Common System and Software Testing Pitfalls”:

Software and system testers repeatedly fall victim to the same pitfalls, which you can think of as “anti-patterns” or mistakes that make testing far less effective and efficient than it ought to be. Drawing on his 36 years of software and system engineering experience, Firesmith shows testers and technical managers and other stakeholders how to avoid falling into these pitfalls, recognize when they have already fallen in, and escape while minimizing their negative consequences.



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