Link Roundup, 9/2/14: DevOps: Definitions and Misconceptions

DevOps: Definitions and Misconceptions

This month, Ben Kepes at Forbes reported on ScriptRock’s efforts to raise funding from investors to expand their operations in “To Help DevOps-ify The World.” Kepes opens with an explanation of how ScriptRock must first differentiate its product and services from vendors selling “DevOps in a box.” More agile software development in less time, however, may not fit neatly in that box. Here are some links to definitions of DevOps that include components that exist outside of the box.

Defining DevOps Might Be Harder Than Defining Design: In the Under Development podcast series, Bill Higgins and Michael Coté explain DevOps, metrics, and “the processes used by designers vs. software developers vs. management consultants vs. wedding planners.”

Revisiting “What Is DevOps”: Mike Loukides at O’Reilly Radar updates his two-year-old definition of DevOps to emphasize not just the tools of Dev and Ops but also culture change, “promise theory,” and velocity.

DevOps – The 3 Question #DevOps Litmus Test: Steve Thair at the DevOps Guys provides a quick test to help you see whether “you’re really aligning your organisation with key #DevOps principles and not just doing infrastructure and release automation with a DevOps whitewash.”

DevOps the Movement, or the Function?: Chris Riley at DevOps argues that DevOps functions already exist, while we are still waiting for the movement to roll out through the culture.

DevOps: A Software Architect’s Perspective: A forthcoming book by Len Bass and colleagues begins with a chapter defining “What Is DevOps” that you can read now.

And just for fun, DevOps Reactions illustrates fails in the software delivery pipeline.


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