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SATURN 2015 Keynote: Rethinking Architecture in the Context of DevOps (Session Notes)

Mark Schwartz, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Schwartz discussed some projects that he has led and lessons learned from the experiences in building systems for the government. He is CIO of one of three agencies that deal with immigration. USCIS … Continue reading

SATURN 2015: Leading Change: Engaging Critical Stakeholders for Project Success (Session Notes)

Marisa Sanchez, Independent Consultant Sanchez works in the arena of large-scale technology change and facilitated a participatory session on how to engage your most critical stakeholders to support your project. Her stakeholder engagement framework has three steps: (1) identify stakeholders, … Continue reading

SATURN 2015: Maturing Agile Teams and Driving Quality Through Architecture Principles (Session Notes)

Amine Chigani and Yun Freund, GE Software At GE, software is a horizontal capability in the company, with over 14,000 software professionals in the business. GE Software is launching the Predix™ platform, which will be a common theme across all … Continue reading

SATURN 2015: Agilizing the Architecture Department (Session Notes)

Eltjo Poort, CGI Poort’s job is to review bids and projects and contribute to standardizing and improving architecture practice, based on what he finds in those reviews. In this experience report, he described experiences implementing a solution-architecting approach developed at … Continue reading

SATURN 2015: Programming in the 1960s: A Personal History (Session Notes)

Len Bass by Jacob Tate, Mount St. Mary’s University Len Bass gave us a witty and comical presentation titled “Programming in the 1960s: A Personal History.” He took us through his early education and career in computer science.

SATURN 2015: Perspectives on the Modern Practice of Software Architecture (Session Notes)

Jeromy Carriere, Rick Buskens, and Jack Greenfield, Google Evolving Mission-Critical “Legacy” Systems, Rick Buskens Buskens’s team is a multisite team that works on a suite of projects focused on Google’s internal structure, while others are external-facing and cloud. The infrastructure … Continue reading

SATURN 2015: Systems Characterization: An Approach to Modernizing Disparate Legacy Systems (Session Notes)

Jane Orsulak and Julie Kent, Raytheon by Jacob Tate, Mount St. Mary’s University Jane Orsulak and Julie Kent kicked off the experience-presentation session on SATURN’s final day by talking about “System Characterization: An Approach to Modernizing Disparate Legacy Systems.” In … Continue reading

SATURN 2015: QA to AQ: Shifting from Quality Assurance to Agile Quality (Session Notes)

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Wirfs-Brock Associates, and Joseph Yoder, The Refactory, Inc. How do you make quality happen? Budget time for quality discussions and quality testing. During envisioning and requirements gathering, identify core qualities. The core goal of agile and lean was … Continue reading

SATURN 2015: Never Again Offline?! Experiences in the Outstanding Role of Data in a Large-Scale Mobile App Ecosystem (Session Notes)

Matthias Naab, Fraunhofer IESE; Ralf Carbon, John Deere; and Susanne Braun, Fraunhofer IESE by Jacob Tate, Mount St. Mary’s University Drs. Ralf Carbon and Matthias Naab kicked off the short-presentation afternoon session with their talk titled “Never Again Offline?!? Experiences … Continue reading

SATURN 2015 Keynote: It’s Good to Be Architect (Session Notes)

Gregor Hohpe, Allianz by Jacob Tate, Mount St. Mary’s University Wednesday’s keynote speaker was Gregor Hohpe, who is the Chief IT Architect with Allianz. He delivered an information-packed presentation on why exactly it is good to be an architect.