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SATURN 2015: The Architectural Analysis for Security (AAFS) Method

Jungwoo Ryoo, Pennsylvania State University, and Rick Kazman, University of Hawaii and Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute

by Jacob Tate, Mount St. Mary’s University

In his talk titled “Architectural Analysis for Security (AAFS),” Jungwoo Ryoo explained that there is an absence of security practices in software architecture. His research concerns developing and implementing a methodology to test and secure software systems starting at the design phase. The architectural analysis is basically a structured way of discovering these security issues. It has frequently been common to implement methods like this after the design of the system, and Dr. Ryoo warned against this.

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Researchers Showing Interest in AADL Standard

In a recent paper, Peter Feiler, technical lead and author of the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) industry standard notation, points out that more than 160 publications in refereed conferences and journals have been published about the standard since it was published in 2004 by SAE International. An updated version was published in 2009. In his research brief, Peter provides detail on the development of AADL and on MetaH, a precursor to the standard.