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SATURN 2011 Keynote: Dave Thomas, The Intimate Relationship Between Architecture and Code: Architecture Experiences of a Playing Coach

Notes by Bill Pollak, Peter Foldes, and Jack Chen

Dave Thomas, CEO, Bedarra Research Labs
The Intimate Relationship Between Architecture and Code: Architecture Experiences of a Playing Coach

We have architects, but there is still a problem. This can’t be us, because we’re all great. We went to a conference.

No one wants their software to stink. I’ll talk about things I think are wrong.

Why does our architecture smell?

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Speaker Abstracts Now Being Accepted for SATURN 2011

Save the date! The SEI Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) 2011 conference is headed west to San Mateo County, California May 16-20, 2011.

The SATURN team at the Software Engineering Institute is pleased to announce the opening of the call for submissions for the SATURN 2011 Conference. We are looking for individuals who have real-world examples, lessons learned, innovative ideas, or an exciting perspective on software architecture to share with fellow software professionals.

The theme for the SATURN 2011 conference is “Architecting the Future” with a focus on architecture methods, techniques, and practices that will shape the future of architecture and enable architecture to shape our future. We’re calling this “7 Things You Need to Know about the Next 7 Years in Architecture.”

We invite those interested in speaking at SATURN 2011 to submit abstracts for presentations or half-day tutorial sessions. As part of SATURN’s collaboration with IEEE Software magazine, selected conference papers will be featured in IEEE Software.

Abstracts will be accepted until midnight on November 30, 2010.

For more information on topics, format, terms and conditions, and submission details, visit the SATURN 2011 website at http://www.sei.cmu.edu/saturn/2011/call.cfm.

We look forward to receiving your submission and we hope to see you in California!

About the SATURN Conference
The annual SEI Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference brings together software professionals from around the world to exchange best practices in developing, acquiring, and maintaining software and systems architecture.

Architecture certification, the coming wave

Certification programs for software architects abound. How can you tell which programs best measure an architect’s capabilities? Or which ones are right for you? SATURN 2010 plans a track on architecture certification to pull together details on certification programs.

Observations from the WICSA/ECSA 2009 Conference

Last month I attended the Joint Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture and European Conference on Software Architecture (WICSA/ECSA 2009).

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Thanks for a great SATURN 2009 Conference!

Thank you to all SATURN 2009 attendees, presenters, and speakers for your contributions!  Because of you,  the event was a lively exchange of experiences in architecture issues ranging from software, system, system of system to enterprise architecting.

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Architecture Competence Session

John Klein at SATURN 2009

Why is it that some organizations have very talented architects, but they are not consistently successful producing architectures and systems? Isn’t it enough to have the best people working on these hard architecture problems? Maybe, but maybe not…

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Panel: Exploring Boundaries Among Enterprise, Systems, and Software Architecture

Facilitator: Paul Clements, SEI

Panelists: Mark W. Maier, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, John A. Zachman, and Randy Case (Raytheon)

Panel: Exploring Boundaries Among Enterprise, Systems, and Software Architecture

Wednesday, May 6, 2009, 1:00 pm

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Panel Discussion at SATURN - May 6, Morning Session

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Zachman Framework for Software Architecture?

image2Just heard the very interesting keynote from Zachman at the conference, and there is one thought I cannot get out of my mind.

The Zachman framework is about architecting the enterprise in terms of What?, How?, Where?, Who?, When?, and Why? from several different perspectives, such as the owners, architects, engineers, etc.

I see several similarities that software architecture tries to answer, therefore would it make sense to use the Zachman framework for software only products? I could see for example to structure the architecture documentation in this way. It might help to easily extract the information needed for the different stakeholders, such as the management, the developers, etc.

Any one with experience in this topic? Any thoughts?

– Felix Bachmann, SEI

SATURN Keynote: John A. Zachman, Architecture Is Architecture

John A. Zachman

John A. Zachman

John A. Zachman, Zachman International, USA

Architecture Is Architecture

Wednesday, May 6, 2009, 9:00 am

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Introduced by Rolf Siegers of Raytheon. Siegers introduces Zachman Framework as a thinking tool for enterprise architecture.

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Welcome to the SATURN Network Blog!


As we kick-off the fifth annual SATURN conference, we’re also excited to announce a new effort to engage architecture experts and practitioners: the SATURN Network Blog.

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